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Press Release
July 8, 2009
5 Service Extended to Brooklyn During Mid-Day

As a result of positive results from a pilot run last fall, MTA NYC Transit announced an extension of weekday midday 5 service to Brooklyn. The "Midday Pilot" provided more consistent service not only along the 5 route but on the 23 and 4 as well.

Prior to June 29, rush hour 5 service operated to and from Brooklyn, but midday 5 service, between approximately 10:30 a.m. and 3 p.m., operated between Eastchester-Dyre Avenue and Bowling Green in Manhattan. This left only the 2 trains serving Brooklyn College –Flatbush Avenue during those hours. Also, midday 5 trains terminating at Bowling Green created a bottleneck that impeded the smooth operation of 4 trains to and from Crown Heights-Utica Avenue in Brooklyn.

Now riders will have a more consistent service pattern all day to Brooklyn College-Flatbush Avenue on the 25 lines and experience less crowding and more reliable service on 45 lines traveling to Brooklyn during the midday.