Transit Museum Donates To Rockaway Rebuilding Efforts

The New York Transit Museum continues to do its part to help New Yorkers affected by Superstorm Sandy by providing proceeds from the sale of specially-labeled collectibles to The Graybeards, a not-for-profit organization working to rebuild the Rockaways.

The funds have been raised over the course of the year through online sales of SR Subway Line-themed products and clothing items.

Total sales to date…
Online Store: $38,043
Museum Stores: $21,380 / $59,423

Total profit/contribution to Graybeards to date:
Online Store: $19,581
Museum Stores: $10,690 / $30,271

The NY Transit Museum’s store has sold hundreds of t-shirts, sweatshirts, pins and magnets, all featuring the distinctive SR Subway logo. The merchandise is still available online by clicking here, and at the Transit Museum stores in Downtown Brooklyn and at Grand Central.

“The items are still popular, not only with people from the Rockaways, but with anyone who wants to show that they support the continued restoration of this decimated shorefront section of New York City,” said Mark Heavey, MTA director of marketing and communications. “We hope to continue to deliver more assistance to the Graybeards.”

The Graybeards organization was established in response to 9/11 and dedicated to the Rockaways community.

“Sadly, at the one year anniversary, we still have hundreds of families either not back in their homes or still rebuilding their homes. The Graybeards were fortunate to have so many people contribute to our Sandy fund. The MTA sales of the SR Subway line apparel raised over $ $30,271, which along with other donors brought the total donated to the Graybeards to $1.3 million,” said Graybeard president Steve Stathis. “While requests have slowed, we continue to receive requests for assistance and I am proud to say that to date the Graybeards have distributed over $1.2 million to families who were flood/fire victims during Super Storm Sandy. In addition, donors should know that 100% of the money received for the Sandy Fund will be given out to those in need in our community. Graybeards Ltd. is absorbing the administrative expenses incurred. Graybeards want to thank the MTA and everyone who stepped up to help our neighbors during these trying times.”

When Sandy washed up on shore, her record breaking and destructive surge destroyed the Rockaway beach front, flooding streets, destroying the boardwalk and wiping out entire blocks. Thousands were left homeless, and businesses were erased. Sandy’s destructive surge also submerged and washed out the tracks that make up “the flats,” a 70-foot wide fenced strip of land that carries the A Subway across the middle of Jamaica Bay between Howard Beach and across Broad Channel. The extensive damage left customers without a rail link between the peninsula and Queens for seven months.