Castle Hill Avenue and Middletown Road 6 Line Stations Closed for Seven Months for Renewal

It was 1920 when five stations in the Bronx opened for the first time on the Pelham 6 Subway Line.  On Saturday, October 5, a major $109 million station renewal project at Castle Hill Avenue, Middletown Road, Buhre Avenue and Zerega Avenue and station component repairs at the Pelham Bay Park station begins.  Customers will see major improvements including the installation of new lighting, better platforms and enhanced safety features.

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Each station, with the exception of Pelham Bay Park, will be closed for a period of seven months.  The first two stations to close are Castle Hill Avenue and Middletown Road.  They will remain closed in both directions until early May 2014.  Buhre Avenue and Zerega Avenue stations are slated to close between July 2014 and February 2015.    

Improvements at the four stations slated for renewal will include replacement of floors, walls, ceilings, street and platform stairs, reconstruction of the platform edges including rubbing boards and new ADA boarding areas.  Customers will also benefit from new lighting in the mezzanines, a bird deterrent system, and the incorporation of new artwork.  Canopies, windscreens and railings will also be replaced.  There will be a full structural steel replacement at the Castle Hill Avenue station.  Middletown Road and Buhre Avenue stations will also receive new platform lighting and public address speakers. 

The station component work at Pelham Bay Park will consist of the reconstruction of the bridge over the tracks, installation of a bird deterrent system, replacement of the platform rubbing board and tactile warning strip, the addition of new platform canopies and painting of the control buildings and windscreens. 

Customers using the Middletown Road station may take the Bx8 or Bx24 to travel to/from Westchester Square-East Tremont Avenue station.  Castle Hill Avenue customers may take the Bx4 to travel to/from the Parkchester station.  Customers transferring between the Bx4 and Bx22 will have an additional free MetroCard transfer to the 6 Subway train at Parkchester station.  There will be increased Bx4 service between Parkchester and Castle Hill Avenue and increased Bx8 service between Middletown Road and Westchester Square-East Tremont Av during the morning and evening rush hours.  Special Bx4 and Bx8 shuttle buses provide alternate service through the night.