Another Round of Weekend Greenpoint Repair Work Completed

The return of G Subway service through the Greenpoint Tube early Monday morning came after a productive weekend of Sandy repair work which included the construction of new bench wall, placement of new emergency communications devices and the installation of nearly three miles of signal cable.

Over the weekend, New York City Transit employees and contractors installed 15,000 feet of signal cable inside the tube that carries G Subway service between Brooklyn and Queens. Workers also installed 19 emergency sound-powered telephones and made 11 structural repairs such as fixes to deteriorated concrete and cracked bench wall.

Nine of the subway system’s 14 under river tubes were damaged to varying degrees during the storm with the Montague R Subway and Greenpoint G Subway tubes hit the hardest.  Though service was restored in the wake of the storm, the damage caused by the corrosive effects of the salt water requires the removal and replacement of tracks, cables, systems and equipment.

The Greenpoint work is being performed over several weekends.  Work is sped by the closing of the tube, during which customers traveling between Brooklyn and Queens can take a free shuttle bus which link the two operating segments of the line. 

The next round of work is scheduled for the weekend of October 4 - 7.  Rounding out the year, there will be two weekend closures after that.