By the Numbers: Greenpoint Tube Repairs Progress

Much has been accomplished after eight weekends of Sandy repair work.  This is evident in the numbers, which are impressive by any standard.

So far, MTA New York City Transit employees have used the weekends to repair 3,000 feet of track and 60,000 feet of cable inside the tube that carries G Subway service between Brooklyn and Queens. The work is tough, but closing down that segment of subway to train traffic for an extended period allows workers to tackle the damage left behind by last year’s superstorm without interruption.

“Suspending train service over the weekend gives us a window of opportunity to get this work done as quickly as possible.  We realize that this is a tremendous inconvenience to our customers, but working in this manner will allow us to complete this vital project as quickly as possible,” said Chief Infrastructure Officer Frank Jezycki.

Nine of the subway system’s 14 under river tubes saw some level of water during the storm with the Montague R Subway and Greenpoint G Subway Tubes hit the hardest.  Though service was restored in the wake of the storm, the damage caused by the corrosive effects of the salt water required the removal and replacement of tracks, cables, and other systems and equipment.

We have reached the point where 127 linear feet of bench wall has been completely demolished and replaced along with 970 linear feet of duct (cable housing).  While the tube work is ongoing, maintenance forces have also taken the opportunity to perform maintenance chores in nearby closed stations.  The appearance of the 21 St and Greenpoint Av stations has been spruced up with the application of fresh paint on 95,000 square feet of ceiling and columns. Workers also took the opportunity to rehabilitate 27 stairways.

The next round of work is scheduled for the weekend of September 27 - 30.  Rounding out the year, there will be three weekend closures after that.

Replacing Cables Inside the Tube
New Ducts