Retired Stations Employee Honored

Thomas H. Merrick’s 65-year Transit career was capped off with an official thank you from top level MTA officials and through a Special Proclamation from Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, presented prior to the start of the September Transit Committee Meeting.

The Proclamation was read by Acting MTA NYC Transit President Carmen Bianco as MTA Chairman Thomas F. Prendergast and Transit Committee Chair Mark D. Lebow looked on.  The proclamation read in part; “Tom’s friends and colleagues gather today to honor and celebrate the highlights of his six-and-a-half decade career; on behalf of all New Yorkers, I am pleased to join in grateful acknowledgement of this remarkable tenure and successful life;”

“In each and every aspect of his life—whether he was serving in the army, doling out change as a Railroad Clerk, or working on a committee to improve our subway stations—Tom Merrick has excelled,” Chairman Prendergast said of Mr. Merrick.  “Here at New York City Transit, he’s been a tremendous resource to both his co-workers and our customers. And he will always be one of our most valued employees.”

Mr. Merrick, who retired from his position of Stations Superintendent, began his career as a Railroad Clerk at a time when customers paid their fare with a nickel, coal burning pot-bellied stoves warmed the mezzanine sections of elevated stations and employees worked a six-day week serving riders.  His career with Transit began on June 23, 1948 and he put in his last day on the job on August 31, 2013.

He received a standing ovation in honor of his lengthy career of exemplary service. 

Mr. Merrick congratulated by Chairman Prendergast