A Bus That Runs on Batteries

Subway trains aren’t the only mass transit vehicles running on electricity these days.  MTA New York City Transit is currently testing a new design of an all-electric bus.  Scheduled to run for two months, the testing will evaluate the feasibility of using an all-electric vehicle along some of the City’s busiest bus routes.

The all-electric bus runs strictly on a bank of electric powered batteries that can be charged and ready for service in as few as four hours. “This test continues the MTA’s commitment to examine new, cleaner and more efficient bus propulsion technologies that include Hybrids, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Clean Diesel and now potentially all electric battery drive,” said Darryl Irick, President of MTA Bus and SVP, MTA NYC Transit’s Department of Buses.

The test will determine if this type of bus can meet the twin challenges of operating in the stop and go traffic of Manhattan while maintaining high levels of passenger comfort and operational performance.

The current version of the bus has a stated operating range of 150 miles, according to manufacturer, BYD.  The bus features a new battery technology of iron phosphate which promises to be more rugged.  The idea that sparks the electric bus is a promise of a quieter, more energy efficient and cleaner bus with absolutely zero emissions. 

This continues the recent testing of all-electric buses for New York City Transit, initiated with the testing of a bus from Complete Coachworks earlier this year.  Although all-electric buses may not be practical for every type of operation, with these tests we hope to prove their practicality and efficiency for certain Manhattan routes.

More photos are available by clicking here.

Interior of BYD Bus
No engine, no transmission