Night Map 3.0 is Here!

Fourteen months of Sandy-related repairs in the Montague N SubwayR Subway Tubes bring the latest version of MTA New York City Transit's night map.  The latest version of the map is already available at select stations.

Click here to view the map.

The night map recognizes that overnight subway service is vastly different than daytime service. It outlines scheduled overnight service, when three subway lines don't run, three are truncated into shuttle trains, six express trains run as locals, and a night-only shuttle operates.

The most prominent service change on the new night map is the closing of the Montague Tubes.  The late night and weekend rerouting of the N Subway train over the Manhattan Bridge is incorporated into the map.  The map also shows the upcoming new Q70 Ltd bus to LaGuardia Airport providing direct, nonstop, BQE highway service between Jackson Heights to LGA.

25,000 maps were printed for each of the first two editions of the night map.  We have printed 50,000 for the third iteration due to the popularity of the map.  Like the regular map, the night map is available free of charge. However, it will only be available while supplies last. The night maps are currently available at the New York Transit Museum at Boerum Place & Schermerhorn Street in Brooklyn Heights, and at the New York Transit Museum Gallery Annex and Store at Grand Central.

The night map was developed in-house by the MTA and like the standard map it folds into a handy pocket-sized document. There's more -- the reverse side of the map shows a work commissioned for MTA Arts for Transit, Elizabeth Murray’s “Blooming, 1996.”  Located at 59 St/Lexington Av, the glass mosaic is on mezzanine walls connecting the 4 Subway5 Subway6 Subway and the N SubwayR Subway; medallions are on the 4 Subway5 Subway express platform.

Customers at the station are treated to the joyous burst of color and shapes that is Blooming. The mosaics defy the corners of the space as the imagery wraps around corners, down steps, and through doorways.  Blooming takes its title from Bloomingdale's, located above the station upstairs. The artist views the subway as a "dreamy underworld" and also a place to wake up, and her pink trees, red shoes and yellow mugs with steaming coffee succeed in gaining the viewers' attention.

Murray says, "I added the stepping shoes and steaming coffee cups, part of the ritual of every morning or evening subway trip." The images are intended to "stimulate thoughts about passage, as does the poetry" that is incorporated into the mural, lines from William Butler Yeats's, "In dreams begin responsibility," Gwendolyn Brooks' "Conduct your blooming in the noise and whip of the whirlwind."

This wonderful piece of artwork is printed on the back of the night map, making the piece a real collector's item.

As a reminder, customers using trains at night should also use Trip Planner at and mobile, which also takes into account all planned work diversions.

The night map will be available at the following locations while supplies last:

95 St R Subway

86 St R Subway

77 St R Subway

Bay Ridge Av R Subway

59 St R Subway

53 St R Subway

45 St R Subway

36 St D SubwayN SubwayR Subway

4 Av-9 St F SubwayG SubwayR Subway

Atlantic Av-Barclays 2 Subway3 Subway4 Subway5 SubwayB SubwayD SubwayN SubwayQ SubwayR Subway

DeKalb Av B SubwayQ SubwayR Subway

Queens Plaza E SubwayM SubwayR Subway

Jackson Hts-Roosevelt Av E SubwayF SubwayM SubwayR Subway

Forest Hills-71 Av E SubwayF SubwayM SubwayR Subway

Jamaica Center-Parsons/Archer E SubwayJ SubwayZ Subway

Middle Village-Metropolitan Av M Subway

Myrtle Av J SubwayM SubwayZ Subway

Astoria-Ditmars Blvd N SubwayQ Subway

Euclid Av A SubwayC Subway

Broadway Junction A SubwayC SubwayJ SubwayZ SubwayL Subway