Fix & Fortify – MTA’s Sandy Recovery Inside the Greenpoint Tube

The MTA is in the midst of an intensive campaign to repair damage caused by the flood waters generated by Superstorm Sandy.  The initial project in the Fix & Fortify campaign began July 5th on the  G Subway with repairs to the Greenpoint Tube, which links the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn with Long Island City.

This work will, taking place during 12 weekends of  55-hour outages beginning late Friday night and ending at 5 a.m. Monday morning, will continue through the fall, though they will not be consecutive. Additionally, a five week shutdown is also planned for 2014.  The northernmost three stops, Greenpoint Av., 21 St. and Court Square, will be closed during these weekends with service replaced by two shuttle bus routes-one linking the Nassau Av Station on the G Subway Line with Court St. and another from the Lorimer St. L Subway station to Court Sq.  

The job is enormous and though the system is currently up and running, a vast amount of damage caused by the three million gallons of salt water remains to be repaired.  This damage is largely invisible to our customers, but if not addressed, it would only worsen over time adversely affecting reliability and the quality of millions of subway trips each day.   

In the Greenpoint Tube alone, workers are replaceing of thousands of feet of tunnel components, including tracks, track support components, the tunnel lighting system, power equipment, and the signaling system in the tube.  Bounded by the 21St. and the Greenpoint Av, stations, track work includes replacement of 1,200 linear feet of rails, plates and tie blocks along each of the tube’s two track ways.

Tunnel lighting is being renewed and improved along approximately 1.8 miles of track.  The new lighting will conform to the latest Federal and Transit Lighting Standards and will also include the installation of a four-hour battery back-up system.

Both of the tube’s tracks are benefiting from duct bank and cable replacement, including the cleaning of ducts and the replacement of power and communication cables in the under river tube.  During this project, signal equipment, cable and the power supply are being replaced and the opportunity will be taken to remove some signal system components outside the flood zone.

The Fix & Fortify campaign will also address issues in several other under river tubes affected by Sandy, including the Montague Tube.  Planning and design work is underway for flood mitigation at NYC Transit facilities in low-lying areas of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens as well as similar flood prevention and mitigation work at the entrances to several stations in Lower Manhattan.  A description of the upcoming projects and photos of damaged areas can be found by clicking here.

Damaged Duct Bank Demolished Inside Greenpoint Tube
Damaged Duct Bank Demolished Inside Greenpoint Tube
Maintainers Installing Junction Box Inside Greenpoint Tube
Maintainers Installing Junction Box For Tunnel LIghting Inside Greenpoint Tube
Track Workers Carry New Rail Into Place Inside Greenpoint Tube
Track Workers Preparing to Install New Continuous Welded Rail Inside Greenpoint Tube
Maintainers Installing Cable Box Inside Greenpoint Tube
Maintainers Install New Cable Box Inside Greenpoint Tube