New Bus Service Coming to Brooklyn and Queens in September

Come September 2013, MTA customers will have new options for travel in Brooklyn and Queens, including a fast way to get to LaGuardia Airport.  This is new or extended service that was first announced last summer as part of a $29 million investment by the MTA.  These proposals were all well-received by the public at community outreach meetings as well as at the Public Hearings.


MTA NYC Transit will implement a new B67 bus route extension between Downtown Brooklyn and South Williamsburg via the Brooklyn Navy Yard on weekdays.  This extension of the B67 will serve DUMBO, Vinegar Hill and the Brooklyn Navy Yard.  Along with Downtown Brooklyn, these areas are part of the Brooklyn Tech Triangle, a growing cluster of economic activity in the region. These areas expect to add significantly more jobs and residents in the next few years; and this new investment will improve previously limited transportation options.

The bus will operate along its current route from Kensington to Downtown Brooklyn, travel along Jay Street, Front Street, Bridge Street, York Street, Gold Street, Sands Street, through the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and Kent Avenue to its northern terminal on Division Avenue, where it would connect with the B62.  Southbound, the route will travel along Wythe Avenue, Clymer Street, through the Brooklyn Navy Yard, Sands Street, Gold Street, York Street, Pearl Street, Sands Street, and Jay Street to resume the existing route to Kensington.  The B67 extension will also serve the York Street F Subway station.

This extension will operate weekdays from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. Evening, night and weekend B67 service will not change.  Its northern terminus will remain at Sands Street, far side, Jay Street with its current span of service.


NYC Transit will also implement a new B32 bus route between the Williamsburg Bridge Plaza and the Court Square-23rd Street E SubwayM Subway Station in Long Island City.  The new bus route will serve waterfront areas in Williamsburg, Greenpoint, and Long Island City.  Over the past years, the waterfront areas in Williamsburg and Greenpoint have experienced significant growth.

The B32's southern terminal at Williamsburg Bridge Plaza will provide connections to the Marcy Avenue J SubwayM SubwayZ Subway Station and the B24, B39, B44, B46, B60, B62, Q54, and Q59 bus routes. Northbound, the B32 would travel along Broadway, Kent Avenue, Franklin Street, Green Street, McGuinness Boulevard, 11th Street, and 44th Drive to the Court Square- 23rd Street Station.  Southbound, the B32 would travel along 21st Street, Jackson Avenue, McGuinness Boulevard, Freeman Street, Franklin Street, North 14th Street, Wythe Avenue, and Broadway.

This route will operate seven days a week on a 30-minute headway from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. but will be monitored closely and adjustments will be made if necessary.


MTA Bus Company has been working closely with the New York City Department of Transportation (NYCDOT) in a joint effort including New York City Transit (NYCT) and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ) to analyze transit access alternatives to LaGuardia Airport.

The amended Q70 Limited route will operate as a full-time limited-stop service providing a fast and reliable bus connection between LaGuardia Airport and regional transit hubs. The Q70 Limited will serve the Woodside-61st Street Long Island Rail Road and 7 Subway subway station (both local and weekday peak direction express service), the 7 SubwayE SubwayF SubwayM SubwayR Subway station at Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Avenue, and then travel non-stop to and from LaGuardia Airport via the limited-access Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (BQE) and Grand Central Parkway.

At the airport, the Q70 Limited will serve all central airport terminals currently served by the Q33 (Terminals B, C and D). The Q70 will not serve the very remote and lightly-used Marine Air Terminal (Terminal A); passengers may continue to access this terminal to/from Jackson Heights via the Q47. The Q70 Limited is designed to provide an attractive service for airport passengers by reducing travel time by over 40% from Jackson Heights (compared with the current Q33), providing improved reliability and new regional connections via the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) and 7 Subway train at Woodside.  Travel times between Midtown Manhattan and LaGuardia Airport connecting at Woodside or Jackson Heights is estimated to be as fast as 45 minutes. Direct connections with the LIRR at Woodside would facilitate regional transit access to LaGuardia Airport from the eight LIRR branches that currently have no access.

The Q70 Limited will operate 24 hours, seven days a week, the same hours of service as the current Q33. Initially, the Q70 Limited will run on a 12-minute frequency during most of the day, with 15-minute and 20-minute headways during early morning and late evening periods; and 30 minute headways during overnight periods.

As a result of the changes to the Q70, the Q33 will terminate outside LaGuardia Airport on 95th Street at Ditmars Boulevard.  This shortens the Q33 and will avoid redundant service between LaGuardia Airport and Jackson Heights.  It will also allow the Q33 to better serve its primary ridership in the local communities to and from the intermodal hub at Roosevelt Avenue-74th Street, separate local community ridership from airport ridership and the associated luggage, and improve reliability on the Q33 by providing scheduled recovery time at both ends of the route.

The amended Q33 will retain its current hours of service operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There will be minor modifications in the Q33 frequency during the AM peak and weekend periods based on changes in ridership levels due to the re-distribution of most of the current LaGuardia Airport customers to the new Q70 Limited.