New Verrazano-Narrows Bridge Service Road Ramp Opening

The first of several ramps being reconstructed and rehabilitated as part of the $50 million toll plaza improvement project at the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge is opening at Narrows Road South in June.

Once the new Brooklyn-bound entrance ramp opens, the old ramp and a portion of the Narrows Road South exit ramp that leads to Lily Pond Avenue will be demolished to make way for the new lower level connector ramp, which will lead motorists directly from the Staten Island Expressway onto the bridge’s lower level.

During the demolition work, a portion of two lanes on the Narrows Road South exit ramp leading to Lily Pond Avenue will be closed and a parking ban will be in place. Traffic using the Narrows Road South exit ramp must use the extreme right lane where cars normally park.

The work zone area includes about 450-feet from the last bus stop on Narrows Road South. The bus stop will not be impacted by the closure. The parking ban will be strictly enforced since the lane will be used for traffic exiting the ramp. This is a temporary parking restriction, and parking will be restored as soon as it is feasible.  The work is expected to take several months.

In addition to the Narrows Road South entrance ramp, which will also eventually fly over the new lower level connector ramp, contractor Restani Construction Corp., will be rehabilitating the Father Capodanno entrance ramp, the westbound Lily Pond exit ramp and the Brooklyn-bound Lily Pond entrance ramp that will also fly over the lower level connector ramp.

The project, which began in 2011, is scheduled to be completed in 2015.