Newest Rail Cars Arrive in New Haven


The first pair of these sleek, modern, bright, comfortable and vibrant red M-8s arrived in New Haven just in time for Christmas.

The second pair just arrived by rail from Baltimore Harbor, via Selkirk, NY, which is just outside Albany and is famous for being the only rail crossing of the Hudson River.

The third pair has departed Kawasaki's plant in Kobe, Japan, sailed across the Pacific Ocean, through the Panama Canal, and is sailing up the East Coast to Baltimore.

As the first eight cars, known as "pilot cars," arrive, they will be put through rigorous tests to ensure every system, lever, door, and light works as it should. This "static" testing is done without taking the cars out of the train yard.

It's our proof-of-design period where we look for any manufacturing defects, check all operating systems, and verify that the car works. During months of testing, we'll either give a "thumbs up" on various components or ask the manufacturer to make necessary adjustments untileverything is just right.

Strenuous testing is conducted before full production starts to resolve any issue that may impact the cars' performance and our customers' travel experience.

After successful static testing, dynamic testing begins, expected to begin March 1, with the M8s actually in operation on the New Haven Line during nighttime hours, without any passengers on board. Acceleration, braking, clearance, signal and other systems are tested. Each car must operate flawlessly for 4,000 miles.

MTA Metro-North Railroad