LI Bus Introduces the Eco-friendly Orion VII

The "Next Generation" of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) buses have hit the road in Nassau County with the introduction of the Orion VII. In 2009, MTA Long Island Bus replaced 100 buses in its aging fleet with these new high-tech buses.

The new bus features a European-inspired exterior design and improved interior ergonomics. Larger windows increase customer visibility while better designed chairs create more room inside. New digital technology replaces older electronic equipment and parts. For example, automatic sensors to open rear exits replace hard to maintain electronic door strips. Digital signs make it easier to see the route number and destination information from a longer distance, and inside, energy-saving LED lights have replaced old-style fluorescents. An on-board wireless system enhances safety by cutting down on the amount of wiring needed.

Customers will also appreciate the low-floor design. It eliminates the three steps in older model buses improving safety and making it more efficient for customers to board and exit the vehicle. This also eliminates the need for expensive wheelchair lifts. Replacing the lift with a simpler front-loading ramp reduces maintenance costs while creating a more accessible entrance for disabled customers.

In addition to greater customer comfort, the new buses provide a quieter ride. Running smoother, the engines are designed to be more energy efficient. The buses also emit 90 percent less harmful particulate matter and 96 percent less nitrogen oxide meeting the EPA's 2010 emissions standards.

The new sleeker style of bus not only provides sharp looks, but a sharp decline in maintenance costs as well giving the "Next Generation" plenty of curb appeal, practical power and customer comfort.

The eco-friendly buses were purchased with a $40 million grant from the federal government, New York State and Nassau County.