EasyPayXpress Takes Fare Payment Online

NYC Transit riders are starting to take notice and utilizing the EasyPayXpress MetroCard. It's the latest payment option introduced by NYC Transit and it's the easiest and most convenient way to navigate the city's subways and buses.

With EasyPayXpress, riders can scratch those recurring MetroCard purchases off their to-do list for two years. Signing up is simple. Customers just link a debit or credit card to their EasyPayXpress MetroCard account, so they never run out of rides.

Paul J. Fleuranges, Vice President of Corporate Communications for NYC Transit said, "Our customers have become increasingly familiar with linked programs, which in the case of EasyPayXpress means no more waiting in line at vending machines or station booths and no more worrying about leftover balances on pay-per-ride cards."

Customers don't have to worry if the card is lost or stolen and they will never have to purchase multiple cards-customers sign up once and never think about it again. Account balances can also be viewed online at any time.

Customers have two options:

The Pay-Per-Ride MetroCard automatically refills itself. When customers apply online for the card, NYC Transit will charge $40 to their credit or debit card in order to open and fill the EasyPayXpress MetroCard account. The EasyPayXpress MetroCard works like any other Pay-Per-Ride card, except users never have to worry about running out of rides. When the card balance reaches $30, it triggers an automatic $40 refill.

With the Unlimited MetroCard, instead of buying a new 30-day Unlimited card every month, customers can sign up for the same automatic replenishment program.

Customers can apply for EasyPayXpress MetroCard by visiting www.mta.info. Once they link the EasyPayXpress account to a credit or debit card, they can begin using the card as soon as it arrives in the mail. Customers can open an EasyPayXpress Unlimited account with $81, linked to a credit card or pre-tax transportation benefits card, by filling out the online application.