Knickerbocker Avenue M Station Rehabilitation Complete

The ceremonial cutting of a bright blue ribbon marked completion of the five-month construction project at the M Line's Knickerbocker Avenue Station. The event was led by MTA NYC Transit President Thomas F. Prendergast and attended by several community leaders.

Work on the two-platform, double track station was part of the $47 million project being performed at five elevated stations along the M line. With the completion of work at Knickerbocker, Central Avenue will also receive a station renewal, beginning in March and scheduled for completion in August 2013. Component work is also being performed at three M Line stations in Queens (Seneca Avenue, Forest Avenue and Fresh Pond Road)

“The combination of funding from the Federal Transit Administration and the MTA Capital Program made this work possible, as well as the significant improvements being made to the other four stations.” said Prendergast. “The MTA is a massive system and we work and invest continually to maintain a safe and aesthetically pleasing environment for our customers.”

During the five-month shutdown of the station, NYC Transit Division of Government Affairs and Community Relations maintained close contact with the local community board, elected officials, and nearby business owners keeping them informed on the progress of the project.

Closed to service on August 18, 2012, work at Knickerbocker Ave. included:

  • Full reconstruction of the control house
  • Refurbishment of the station agent booth
  • Full replacement of street and platform stairs
  • Installation of new windscreens, including MTA Arts for Transit artwork Structural repairs throughout the station
  • Installation of new drainage system
  • Repair of column bases

While the artwork has not yet been installed, Artist Cal Lane was commissioned by MTA Arts for Transit and Urban Design to create original artwork for the Knickerbocker Avenue station. The artwork, which will be installed in October, 2013, consists of 28 steel sculptured panels to be installed in the station's windscreens.

Each sculptured panel will be composed of a series of steel shovel patterns arranged in a shape reminiscent of Gothic architecture. The artwork will be hand cut into lace-like contemporary work that reflects architecture on the facades of the surrounding buildings in the neighborhood.

At Seneca Avenue, Forest Avenue and Fresh Pond Road stations, customers will see improvements to the control houses, stairs, platforms, support columns and flooring.