Bridges and Tunnels Introduces E-ZPass® Pay Per Trip

MTA customers who don't like pre-paying for tolls, maintaining a minimum balance or supplying a credit card can now choose a new payment plan called E-ZPass® Pay Per Trip where tolls are deducted from your bank account once the trip is taken using the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system.

E-ZPass Pay Per Trip Logo

“We believe this is a feature customers will welcome,” said Bridges and Tunnels President Jim Ferrara. “We listened to customers who were reluctant to use E-ZPass because they don't like pre-paying for tolls and the result is MTA's new Pay Per Trip.”

The plan allows customers to link their MTA E-ZPass account to a checking account and pay for tolls on the day the electronic pass is used. There is no pre-paid balance required as there is with other E-ZPass plans.

While it is not necessary to link an account to a credit card, Pay Per Trip accounts without a backup payment source must pay a $10 tag deposit fee. Pay Per Trip is only available for individual account holders.

Pay Per Trip and other new initiatives such as the MTA Cash Reload Card make

E-ZPass even easier for customers to use. The MTA Cash Reload Card allows customers to replenish their E-ZPass account with cash at 2,500 Visa ReadyLink retail merchants throughout the metropolitan region, eliminating the need to go to one of three walk-in centers.

E-ZPass continues to be the best way to pay for tolls. When new tolls take effect March 3, the E-ZPass discount versus the cash toll will be even deeper with a savings of $2.17 per trip at most MTA crossings. “E-ZPass is the most efficient toll collection method and the best value for our customers,” said Ferrara. “We hope Pay Per Trip and the MTA Reload Card encourage even more people to try E-ZPass.”

Customers who want more information on Pay Per Trip and the MTA Reload Card can call the New York E-ZPass Service Center toll free number at 1-800 333-8655 or visit the Bridges and Tunnels homepage at To view frequently asked questions about Pay Per Trip click here .