FASTRACK Wraps Up First Trip to Bronx

Completes First Trip to the Bronx B line iconD line icon
Grand Concourse Line

The MTA’s FASTRACK program swept into the Bronx earlier this week, hitting the B Line iconD Line icon Grand Concourse Line with a maintenance and clean-up blitz that sent an army of workers through tunnels and stations repairing and replacing items from light bulbs to rails.

The program, which began last January along routes running through midtown Manhattan, has been a tremendous success, significantly shortening the time for maintenance tasks and increasing the level of safety for workers who no longer have to share tracks with moving trains.  While maintenance chores are attended to workers also take the opportunity to was and paint station, jobs that are impossible to do with customers waiting for trains.

Last Monday marked the initial appearance of FASTRACK outside of Manhattan and Downtown Brooklyn.  More than 800 workers were dispatched along the Concourse Line as service was suspended for four between nights between 161 St-Yankee Stadium and 205 St.

Maintenance workers took full advantage of the seven-hour window between 10 p.m. and 5 p.m.

“We have seen a significant increase in the amount of work that can be performed since we employed the FASTRACK  maintenance method, said Joseph Leader, Vice President and Chief Maintenance Officer for the Department of Subways. “We can perform more work in a shorter period of time and at the end of the week, customers can really notice the difference.” 

Highlights of the work completed during Concourse Line FASTRACK:

  • Track –  Generated 9,916 bags of debris, removed 15,651 pounds of debris, scraped and cleaned a total of 5,295 feet of track, replaced 15 tie blocks, installed 1,337 plates, 33 running rails, 161 friction pads.  Generated 13,100 pounds of scraped debris.
  • Third Rail Operations - cleared 1,799 identified defects, scraped and cleaned 7,025 feet of track under and around the third rail.
  • Signals – Serviced 77 signals, nine timers, nine train operator punch, Installed 12 LED holding lights, replaced 10 sets of holding lights, supported Track Department on rail jobs.
  • Infrastructure - Installed 350 feet of handrail, cleaned 1,600 feet of drains, sound and tap 100 square feet, 83 feet of benchwall repaired, maintained four pump rooms at each station, 400 feet of wall painted.
  • EMD - Optimized pictures on three monitors from four cameras.
  • Station Environment – Replaced 30 platform edge signs, 15 conductor boards, 1,230 tunnel lights, scraped 28,100 square feet, painted 22,600 square feet, painted 46 columns, installed 160 feet of running board gap filler, painted 2,275 square feet of running board, cleaned 24 vent drain lines, installed 50 feet of gap filler.

On Monday, January 21, MTA New York City Transit brings FASTRACK to Nostrand Avenue in Brooklyn.  The Nostrand Avenue 2 Line will be shut down from 10 p.m. until 5 a.m., for four consecutive weeknights from Monday, January 21 to early Friday morning, January 25.  Service will be suspended between Franklin Avenue and Flatbush Avenue-Brooklyn College in both directions. 
Customers should use the special, fare-free B44 Limited bus for service south on Nostrand Avenue and north on New York Avenue.  (Please note that B44 Limited will make Limited bus stops only, not subway station stops.)  In addition, customers should consider using Q Line icon service to/from nearby stations when possible.

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