Subway Time™ Now Available on All Smartphones

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) today announced that MTA Subway Time™, the new service that provides customers on the 1 Subway2 Subway3 Subway4 Subway5 Subway6 Subway subway lines and S Subway 42nd Street Shuttle with real-time train arrival estimates, is now available on Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, or any smartphone via mobile web.

Customers who want to access the same train arrival estimates that appear on countdown clocks on these subway routes, can now go to On The Go, the MTA's mobile website. To access it, simply open a web browser, then go to

Once there, you will see a menu of 11 handy features, including maps, current service status, MTA Bus Time™, Trip Planner+, and even a list of out-of-system MetroCard merchants.

To access the mobile web version of MTA Subway Time, simply select MTA Subway Time, the fifth option on the list, and you will be taken to a line-by-line menu showing the lines that currently offer real-time information. Select a line, then a station, and you'll see the latest up-to-date train arrival estimates for that station.

Each station page shows northbound trains at the top, and southbound trains at the bottom. Each row of data shows the next train's route indicator, its final destination, and how many minutes are expected until it arrives at the station.

MTA Subway Time™ is also available as a native app for iPhone. It can be downloaded at the Apple App Store. The information on the web version is identical to the information available via native app.

“It all comes down to our mantra -; Know Before You Go,” said Paul J. Fleuranges, the MTA's Senior Director of Corporate and Internal Communications. “When you have access to real-time information on the go, it makes your trip that much easier, and it gives you the power to work around any problems that might arise.”

The MTA also provides app developers with a live online feed of the underlying data that powers Subway Time. Other native apps for multiple platforms also include real time arrival estimates for these subway routes. You can find apps by searching for apps with real-time subway data on the Apple App Store, the Android Apps tab on Google Play, or the BlackBerry App World.

Subway Time's desktop and mobile versions, and the On the Go mobile website, are developed by New York City Transit's Internet Technologies Group (ITG).