New Enhancements to TripPlanner+ Mobile Version

The MTA's mobile website, automatically reached when is entered into handheld mobile devices, has added another enhancement to its customer-friendly menu.

Now, when using TripPlanner , the convenience of having drop-down suggested destinations is part of the mobile experience.

Just as on the desktop version of TripPlanner , when a user begins to enter an address or station on the mobile site, suggestions of landmarks and station names will appear. Users just have to touch the selected suggestion for it to populate the ‘From' or ‘To' destination boxes.

This enhancement is particularly helpful for mobile users, where entering text is more challenging by virtue of being on the move and by the size of the devices' virtual or real keyboards.

As is the case with the desktop version of TripPlanner+ , the mobile tool automatically finds the quickest and most efficient way for customers to use MTA services between any two points in the New York area, whether by bus, subway or railroad. The itinerary planner provides accessible trips if required and also includes fares.  TripPlanner+, gives step-by-step directions for getting around the New York region while taking all planned service changes into account and also alerts customers to unplanned changes in service.