NYC's Most Googled in 2011

Guess who was the most googled in 2011. Hint -- it wasn't Kim Kardashian. That's right, it was the MTA.

MTA logo

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority and its website,, was the most googled term in the New York region for 2011 according to Google Zeitgeist. The MTA was searched more than twice as much as NJTRANSIT which came in second.

And guess what? E-ZPass made the top 10 list coming in at #8.

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Topping this list reflects the important role the MTA plays in our daily lives. It is fundamental to the economic wellbeing of our region, opening up countless job opportunities for millions and enabling our region's $1.26 trillion economy. In fact, nearly 85 percent of Manhattan jobs are reached each day by public transportation, and during peak hours, almost 90 percent of all trips into Manhattan's Central Business District come from public transportation.

A lot has happened over the past year as the MTA continued to focus on delivering on some long-promised benefits for our 8.5 million customers. Some highlights from 2011 include:

SBS: Faster bus service arrived on the M34 and riders saw continued improvements on the Bx12 and M15.

Launch of the Weekender: A new feature of transformed the way riders navigate the subway system on weekends with easy-to-understand maps describing construction and repair projects.

Countdown Clocks and Bus Time: Countdown Clocks at nearly 200 stations and the introduction of Bus Time along the B63 with work to introduce Bus Time borough-wide in Staten Island nearly complete.

Re-opening of the southbound Cortlandt Street platform in Lower Manhattan and new a transfer at Court Square in Long Island City: More options making it easier for customers to navigate the subway system.

511: One number to call for better customer assistance.

Cell phone service underground: Introduced at six stations with 30 more to come next year.

Improved Technology and More Accessible Information: Introduction of the On the Go! Travel Station, Help Point Intercoms, and an improved website with better access to real time travel information.

Progress with our mega projects: Second Avenue Subway tunneling completed, structural work for the 34th Street station on the No. 7 completed, a new entrance at Fulton Street, and tunneling in Queens underway for East Side Access.

Hurricane Irene Preparation and Response: Orderly shutdown of subway, bus and rail network, with equipment and facilities secured and employees returned home or safely positioned and a seamless resumption of service after the storm.

New M-8 Cars Debut on Metro-North Railroad's New Haven Line: In all, 380 new cars will replace an aging fleet.

LIRR Atlantic Avenue Viaduct Rehabilitation: The Long Island Rail Road completed its multi-phased rehabilitation of the 100-year Atlantic Avenue Viaduct between Jamaica and Atlantic Terminal. The rehab work included the replacement of longitudinal and cross girders, all decking, walkways, ties and rail. Train service was maintained at all times during this project.

Gate Free E-ZPass on the Henry Hudson Bridge: The first phase of the program began when gate arms were removed from E-ZPass lanes. By mid-2012, cash will be entirely eliminated and the Henry Hudson will become one of the first urban all-electronic tolling (cashless) bridges in the nation.