MTA New York City Transit Runs Special Vintage Buses for the Holidays

Don't worry, they accept MetroCards!

Living pieces of New York City's transit history are serving bus customers along the M42 crosstown route every day between now and Friday, December 23 as MTA New York City Transit once again places into service a fleet of vintage New York City Transit buses for the holiday season. Everything is original except the MetroCard fareboxes.

The crosstown buses will be in operation from Monday, December 11th through Friday, December 23, running on weekdays between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. With a little bit of luck and good timing, you can catch a ride back in time on a classic coach for the price of a regular ride. These 1950s-and 1960s-era transit buses accept MetroCards.

"These buses are a piece of New York City's commuting past," said Darryl Irick, head of MTA's bus divisions. "I started my MTA career as a bus operator, driving these types of buses. As charming as they are, you cannot help but realize how far we have advanced when you ride one of our modern, low-floor buses."

The agency's historic fleet contains 19 buses, ranging in age from the Queen Anne -; a 1917 wood-bodied double-decker manufactured in the shops of the old Fifth Avenue Coach Company -; to bus number 1201, NYC Transit's first General Motors RTS.

Many of the vehicles have been deemed to have historical significance to the city, including bus number 3100, a 1956 GM which was the first air-conditioned transit bus manufactured, and 5227, the last non-wheelchair accessible bus to operate for NYC Transit, pulled from service in 1993. Four buses will be available for service, including:

Bus No. 3100 -; 1956 General Motors owned and operated by Fifth Avenue Coach Lines. (First air-conditioned transit bus to operate in New York City)

Bus No. 9098 -; 1958 General Motors, among the first buses outfitted with fiberglass seats.

Photo of Vintage BusPhoto of Vintage Bus
Photos: J. Caronetti