A Closer Look at the East 180th Street Station in the Bronx

Few stations in our subway system have histories as long and rich as East 180th Street on the No. 2 and 5 lines in the Bronx.

East 180th Street Station
East 180th Street Station

The station opened in 1917 and features an unusual design with two island platforms and three tracks. Passengers can reach the center track-which the MTA uses for short-turns, special service, and off-hour Dyre Avenue Shuttle service-from either platform.

Shuttle trains often open their doors on both sides of the train. The only other station where this happens regularly is Flushing-Main Street on the No. 7 line.

The most interesting thing about this station, however, may not be what it holds, but what it's near. Directly to the east of this station lay the remnants of another station-this one the old 180th Street station on the New York, Westchester, and Boston Railway, which operated as an electric commuter railroad in Westchester and the Bronx from 1912 to 1937.

NYW&B station platforms remain just steps away from the current East 180th Street station, although they're no longer in use. However, not everything about this old station is defunct. In fact, we currently use the old NYW&B trackways for train storage, and the original NYW&B station house is still in use as the main entrance to the current station complex.

Two other points of interest near this station are the Bronx Zoo and the MTA's East 180th Street Yard and Maintenance Shop.

Today, the East 180th Street station is undergoing a major rehabilitation. We're renovating the historic NYW&B station house, installing two ADA elevators, and adding other accessibility components, which will bring this station into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines.

We're also remedying structural deficiencies by replacing platform edges, canopy roofs, and track beds, while at the same time improving lighting, communication, and signage. Finally, we're modernizing signals along the entire White Plains Road line, which spans from East 180th Street to Bronx Park East. All this work is on schedule to be completed by 2012.