App of the Week: iTransitBuddy

Wondering how many minutes until your next scheduled LIRR or Metro-North train? iTransitBuddy, our App of the Week, has the answer in a convenient format for Android and iOS devices.

Once you load the app, select your starting station and your destination. The app will almost immediately return information on all the trains scheduled to depart your station in the next 24 hours. For each train, the iTransitBuddy will tell you the departure time, the time you're scheduled to arrive at your destination, the train number, and perhaps most importantly, how many minutes left until your train is scheduled to depart. Departure times are available in the MTA's printed railroad timetables.

You can tap for additional info, including the scheduled times of intermediate stops on your train. The app also has a trip-planning feature, which allows you to find train schedules for a future date and time.

"iTransitBuddy is unique because it is so easy to use and in the iOS devices all the schedules are loaded on your device," said Jason Bisson, who created the app. "That means if you are in the subway you can still find out how many minutes until your next train. This lets you know if you have to run or if you can casually walk to your train."

Bisson first conceived of creating such an app in 2003. He published it in September 2008 and was originally entering data by hand from printed timetables until the MTA began publishing its schedule data online in January 2010. iTransitBuddy is available for Metro-North, LIRR, and numerous other transit providers in the United States and Canada. It costs 99ยข for Android or iPhone, or $1.99 depending on version.

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