App of the Week: One Touch Train

Metro-North and LIRR commuters: our App of the Week, One Touch Train, can help you get rid of paper timetables if you use an Android, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

One Touch Train App Graphic

One Touch Train lets railroad customers easily access train schedules while on the go, without the need to fumble for an unwieldy paper timetable. Just set up your favorite destinations, a process that takes less than a minute. Then, with one touch choose the destination you want from the favorites menu. The app will automatically determine your location and show you the next five available trains to your selected destination from your favorite train station.

If you have to go to a destination that is not your normal one, you can search the app for train schedules to any destination and get directions.
And if you want to catch a brief nap, the app will send you an audio alert telling you when you're approaching your station.

"As a commuter, I've made enough trips through Grand Central Terminal and Penn Station to know that anything that saves time is critical to getting to work on time and making it home as quickly as possible," said Karen McFarlane of Kaye Media Partners, which developed the app. McFarlane was a regular commuter on Metro-North's Hudson Line when Kaye Media developed the app, but now she travels less frequently. "I actually need the app now more than ever because I'm less familiar with the train schedules."

One Touch Train was launched in June 2010. The app costs 99ยข on Android, and $1.99 on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. In addition to LIRR and Metro-North trains, One Touch Train supports trips on NJ Transit.

The app is tied directly into the MTA's online GTFS feeds to ensure that schedules are always up to date.