Metro-North Prepares for Customer Forum

Metro-North Railroad has reviewed its actions in response to a number of heat-related incidents on July 22, 2011 on the New Haven Line. The results of that review are in this report.

Metro-North Prepares for Customer Forum on Multiple Weather-Related Incidents on the New Haven Line

Metro-North apologizes to customers who were traveling on the New Haven Line on July 22, 2011. The delays and discomfort they experienced were significant and it is certainly not how Metro-North chooses to operate its service.

Metro-North will establish better procedures for these extreme weather conditions - including reducing train speeds or service or both to
mitigate the impact to our infrastructure. We also will improve protocols for communicating with customers during disruptions, on trains, at stations (both visually and audibly) and via email and the web site.

But improvements in procedure and protocol cannot overcome years of disinvestment in
infrastructure and equipment. While the 405 M8 cars currently on order will help significantly to
improve the line's operation, it is not the only solution. Continued investment is essential to
replace the century-old catenary system and other elements of the New Haven Line's over-age infrastructure. Metro-North will work with the Connecticut Department of Transportation, the owner of
the infrastructure, to rebuild this line as expeditiously as possible.

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