MetroCard Summer: Summer Streets

<p>The latest in a series throughout the summer highlighting how you can use your MetroCard to enjoy all that New York has to offer focuses on "Summer Streets."</p>

<p>Swipe your MetroCard and take the 4, 5, or 6 train along Manhattan's east side for "Summer Streets."  Spearheaded by NYC DOT, "Summer Streets" turns a 6.9-mile stretch of streets through Manhattan into car-free zones and opens them up to people to play, walk, bike, and just enjoy a summer day in New York.</p>
<p>"Summer Streets" takes place on consecutive Saturdays (August 13 and 20) from 7:00 am - 1:00 pm.  The route connects the Brooklyn Bridge with Central Park, with recommended spurs along low-traffic streets to the Hudson River Greenway, Harlem and Governors Island, allowing participants to plan a route as long or short as they wish.</p>
<p>The route will run north-south along Centre Street, Lafayette Street, Fourth Avenue and Park Avenue to 72nd Street. The southern half of 72nd Street from Park Avenue to Fifth Avenue will also be shut to vehicles, to link to Central Park. </p>
<p>Activities at "Summer Streets" will be based at five rest stops. The stops will host performances and activities for all ages, free bike rentals and water stations.</p>
<p><strong>The Uptown Rest Stop</strong>, at Park Avenue and 51st Street, will feature free bicycle and rollerblade rentals and Guacamole-making demonstrations hosted by Chipotle at 52nd Street.</p>
<p><strong>The Midtown Rest Stop</strong>, at Park Avenue and 25th Street will feature bike helmet giveaways, an interactive truck safety demonstration, the Whole Foods Family Picnic Area at 24th Street.</p>
<p><strong>The Astor Place Rest Stop</strong>, at Lafayette Avenue, will feature a Health and Fitness Zone, sponsored by Crunch and Women's Health magazine; juice and snack bars.</p>
<p> <strong>The Soho Rest Stop</strong>, at Spring Street and Lafayette Avenue, will feature the REI Adventure Zone, which includes a rock climbing wall.</p>
<p> <strong>The Foley Square Rest Stop</strong>, at Duane and Centre Streets, will feature sand boxes for everyone to enjoy and live sand sculpting by Matt Long of Sand Masters. Sand sculpting workshops will take place each day at 9 am, 10:30 am and noon. The Rest Stop will also host Learn to Ride bicycle classes from Bike New York, and a self-portrait booth hosted by DOT's Urban Art program. </p>
<p> For more information, visit <a href=""></a>.  The MTA's Trip Planner+ can help you find the best way to get there.  For Trip Planner+, <a href="">click here</a></p>
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