Got an E-ZPass Yet? It's One of the Best Things About America!

E-ZPass has just made Fortune magazine's top 100 list of Great Things About America, coming in at No. 66.

That's right, E-ZPass is not quite as great as Clint Eastwood (and who are we to argue that?), but it is just a little bit greater than Jonathan Franzen and Windex. As the magazine notes, "no more tossing coins through your window." But that's just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many more great things about E-ZPass, a wireless toll transponder that you can mount in one car or move from one car to another.

  • Discounted tolls: E-ZPass users pay just $4.80 to cross the MTA's major bridges and tunnels while cash users pay $6.50.
  • A faster trip: You can zip through an E-ZPass lane quickly without fumbling for cash. And for even faster service, we've removed our toll booth arms in a pilot program at the Henry Hudson Bridge.
  • Fewer auto emissions: Less waiting means less congestion at toll plazas and reduced auto emissions.
  • Widespread functionality: E-ZPass is accepted in 14 states from Indiana to Maine to Virginia.
  • Easy to find: Pick up an E-ZPass On-the-Go, a pre-paid ready-to-use E-ZPass, at 446 stores throughout New York City and Long Island.

There are a lot of reasons why 79.4% of MTA customers and growing have switched to E-ZPass. It's fast, convenient, gives you savings every time you use it, and is the 66th Best Thing in America. Sign up today.