Customers Love Convenience Of Buying E-ZPass On The Go Tags At Henry Hudson Bridge Cash Lanes

It's a hit! Since E-ZPass On The Go tags went on sale in the cash lanes at the Henry Hudson Bridge on June 27th more than 1,500 tags have been sold. Customers are snapping up E-ZPass On The Go tags, which went on sale in the cash lanes at the Henry Hudson Bridge on June 27th. Through 1 p.m. on Friday, a total of 467 tags were sold.

Henry Hudson On the Go Photo

"We're happy to make it easier than ever for motorists to experience the convenience of E-ZPass, which is good for customers, good for the environment and good for the MTA," said Bridges and Tunnels President Jim Ferrara.

Picking up an MTA E-ZPass On The Go tag E-ZPass will save customers time and money, ($1.70 at Bridges and Tunnels' major crossings, $1.80 at the Henry Hudson Bridge), reduce auto emissions from idling vehicles, and it is the most efficient way to collect tolls and keep traffic moving.

After purchasing an On The Go tag at the Henry Hudson Bridge for $34, which includes $30 for the tag and a $4 toll for the current trip, the E-ZPass tag can then be used to pay up to $30 worth of tolls if linked to a credit card or $20 in tolls and a $10 tag deposit if it is not.

Once used for the first time, customers have 48 hours to register it at: or by calling the toll-free number 1-800-333-TOLL. If the tag is not registered, it is deactivated. If popular, sales of On The Go tags could be expanded to MTA's other six bridges and two tunnels.

B&T also sells E-ZPass On The Go tags at 450 locations throughout New York City and Long Island, including the four NYCT Metrocard vans. For retail locations click here:

For location and times of the Metrocard vans, go to:

In the first four months of this year, E-ZPass use is up 3.6 percent to 79.4 percent or an average of about 583,000 vehicles daily.