E-ZPass On The Go Has Successful Debut At Henry Hudson Bridge Cash Lanes

Customers are embracing the ease of picking up an E-ZPass On The Go tag in cash lanes at the Henry Hudson Bridge. On Monday, the first day they were offered, 70 tags were sold.

"This is just another way of making sure our customers get the most for their money and are able to pay tolls without having to stop and wait in cash lines," said MTA Bridges and Tunnels President Jim Ferrara. "We know that once people try E-ZPass, they will like the ease and convenience."

Using E-ZPass is a win-win for customers, the environment and the MTA. Customers not only save time by not sitting in cash lines, E-ZPass also helps reduce emissions from idling vehicles and they save money, too. E-ZPass helps keep traffic moving at the bridges and tunnels and is also the most efficient way of collecting tolls.

Henry Hudson On the Go Photo

E-ZPass usage continues to grow. In the first four months of this year since the new toll rates went into effect increasing the E-ZPass discount over cash transactions, 79.4 percent of motorists used E-ZPass or an average of about 583,000 vehicles daily. E-ZPass use in the first four months of this year over the same period last year is up 3.6 percent.

B&T also sells E-ZPass On The Go tags at 446 retail stores throughout New York City and Long Island, and at four New York City Transit Metrocard vans, which travel to all five boroughs.

For retail locations click here: http://www.mta.info/bandt/onthego/retail-locations.html

For location and times of the Metrocard vans: http://www.mta.info/metrocard/mcbus.htm

The savings for MTA On The Go tag purchasers per trip is $1.70 at MTA's major crossings, $1.80 at Henry Hudson, $1.45 at the Rockaways and $3.40 at the Verrazano-Narrows, where the toll is doubled and only collected in the westbound (Staten Island) direction.

After purchasing an On The Go tag at the Henry Hudson Bridge for $34, which includes $30 for the tag and a $4 toll for the current trip, the E-ZPass tag can then be used to pay up to $30 worth of tolls if linked to a credit card or $20 in tolls and a $10 tag deposit if it is not.

Once the On The Go tag has been used for the first time, customers have 48 hours to register it at: www.ezpassny.com or by calling the toll-free number 1-800-333-TOLL. If the tag is not registered, it is deactivated.

If successful, the program will be expanded to MTA's other crossings.