eFIX: The New and Easy Way to Correct MetroCard Problems

Customers experiencing problems with their MetroCards can now easily access assistance via the internet using MetroCard eFIX.

eFix MetroCard graphic

eFIX, a new claims processing system, allows customers to use the internet when addressing lost or stolen reduced fare MetroCards, transfer problems, an overcharge, problems with a Select Bus Service fare collector, a MetroCard not returned by a bus farebox, and certain MetroCard Vending Machine incidents. These were all issues that customers previously had to have addressed by mail or telephone, but with eFIX, the process is being streamlined, making it easier and more efficient for customers to correct MetroCard problems.

"The introduction of eFIX is yet another example of how the MTA is working to make things more convenient for our customers. From countdown clocks, to Bus time to a website filled with real information that our customers can use, we are constantly working to be responsive to the needs of our customers." said NYC Transit President Thomas F. Prendergast.

Each day, NYC Transit receives approximately 1,400 claims. These numbers increase during special promotions, seasonal travel, fare adjustments and AFC system-wide issues that impact MetroCard usage.

Customers can now benefit from the ability to submit claims immediately and around the clock which contributes to a faster response time. eFIX claims are verified while being entered, which results in increased accuracy and claims status is available online.

Additionally, when customers contact a representative at our Travel Information/Customer Service Center, they can submit an eFIX request over the telephone.

But that isn't all. In the near future, further enhancements due to be implemented will include: Reduction or elimination of submission of damaged MetroCards purchased with debit or credit cards, expansion to customers who take advantage of balance protection, Smartphone Apps, the ability to scan and upload MetroCard, MVM/SBS receipts and bank statements and images, etc.