App of the Week: HopStop

Our App of the Week is HopStop, a free pedestrian navigation app that provides detailed transit directions in New York and dozens of other major cities.

Whether you're traveling by the MTA's trains and buses or even via taxi, bicycle, or walking, this app will get you where you're going. HopStop lets you:

  • Set mode preference (subway, bus, biking, cab/taxi, cars by the hour, walking only).
  • Set travel preference (more street walking / fewer transfers vs. less street walking / more transfers).
  • Choose whether to include regional rail, and/or vehicles operated by private companies.
  • Re-route around service changes or delays, or choose to use a different stop than the one suggested.
  • Estimated time and cost of cab/taxi and limo/sedan travel.
  • Compare taking public transit vs. renting a car for a few hours (from ConnectByHertz) and book it on the spot.

HopStop image

The app is available on iPhone, Android, BlackBerry launcher, and the service also available via website, mobile web or SMS.

Using the iPhone or Android app you can:

  • Get directions from your current location.
  • Access addresses from your contact list.
  • Map a location and see nearby subway and bus stops.
  • In taxi mode, tap the phone number of the company to call directly.
  • Save recent searches and favorite trips in the MyTrips section.

HopStop's iPhone app has been featured by AOL Travel and Time Magazine as one of 25 Essential Apps for Travelers, and one of the 50 Best iPhone Apps in 2011. HopStop's Android app has also been featured as a "Top Pick" by T-Mobile.