Weekend Work Restores Full Flushing Line Service

<p>Laboring throughout the weekend, a team of MTA New York City Transit maintenance employees has completed the emergency signal repair work which forced a temporary shutdown of No. 7 Flushing Line service between Queensboro Plaza and Times Square.</p><p>Full Flushing Line service was restored at midnight.</p> <p>The service diversion was put into place Friday afternoon to allow repairs to the signal system in the Steinway Tube, which carries the No.</p><p>7 Line between Long Island City, Queens and the East Side of Manhattan.</p><p>About 800 feet of the system on the Manhattan bound track were damaged through a combination of an existing water condition and last week's heavy rainfalls.</p> <p>New insulating materials were installed between the rails and track ties upon which they are supported.</p><p>This work required the installation of new wiring, removal and replacement of the rails, realignment of the third rail and grouting of the tunnel wall.</p><p>The work was complicated by the tight confines of the Steinway Tube.</p> <p>Aside from the employees actually involved in performing the work, the emergency project was supported by employees from Stations, Operation Planning and the Department of Buses.</p> <p>"We thank our customers for their patience while we worked to correct this problem," said NYC Transit President Thomas F. Prendergast. "In order to carry out this emergency repair work it was necessary for us to suspend service.</p><p>However, thanks to the dedication and hard work of hundreds of our employees we were able to resume service in time for Monday's rush period."</p>