MTA Re-Affirms Commitment to Making Every Dollar Count

"Making Every Dollar Count: Agenda 2011" Keeps Focus on Cutting Costs, Improving Service with New Goals for the Coming Year

Click here for the report (PDF, 2.1 MB)

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) today released a comprehensive agenda for 2011 that carries forward the work begun last year under the agency's report entitled "Making Every Dollar Count." The 2011 agenda continues a fundamental re-shaping of the MTA that includes cost-cutting that will result in cumulative savings of $3.8 billion by 2014, customer service improvements begun last year such as countdown clocks and implementation of systemic changes, including all-electronic tolling.

"It's a new year, but our focus remains unchanged," said MTA Chairman Jay H. Walder. "We will make every dollar count. We will continue to cut costs to create a more efficient MTA. We will continue to improve service for our customers. We brought change to the MTA in 2010, and we're going to build on that success in 2011."

In pursuing the goals of last year's agenda, the MTA identified $525 million in annual savings through an emergency overhaul of the way the MTA does business -; helping to limit the impact of the economic downturn on the MTA's customers. And despite historic budget austerity, the agency delivered a number of long-promised benefits to customers: activation of countdown clocks at more than 100 subway stations; bringing security cameras online; overhauling the MTA website; and demonstrating the promise of bus service through a series of travel innovations that have significantly increased bus speeds.