Take the LIRR to See the King Tut NYC Exhibit

DAILY - Extended thru Jan 17, 2011

The Long Island Rail Road offers a special discount package ticket, with up to 37% savings, for the King Tut NYC exhibit. Returning to NYC after more than 30 years, the exhibit has been extended (daily) through January 17, 2011. The LIRR's special package ticket includes discounted LIRR round trip rail (valid on trains arriving at Penn after 9:30 AM Weekdays; anytime on weekends) and discount admission to the King Tut exhibit.

Behold the legendary treasures of King Tut. Revel in the splendor of the ancient Egyptian works as you view a dazzling array of possessions unearthed from his tomb, along with antiquities representing his family and contemporaries. Through 10 galleries and 130 artifacts, experience the works of the pharaohs like never before...

  • See the boy king's golden canopic coffinette and the crown found on his head when the tomb was discovered
  • Learn about the extraordinary discovery of Tut's tomb and the beliefs and funerary processes of ancient Egypt
  • View results from the latest scientific testing conducted on King Tut's mummy, and what it is telling researchers about his life and death For details on the LIRR's King Tut package ticket go to: http://www.mta.info/lirr/getaways/Manhattan/KingTut.htm