Two Rockaway Station Platforms Reopen As Line Overhaul Continues

The southern portion of the A Line is currently undergoing an incremental upgrade, part of a nine-station, $117 million project on the Rockaway Peninsula. The Rockaway Park-bound platforms at the Beach 105th Street-Seaside and Beach 90th Street-Holland stations reopened on Wednesday, December 22 after being closed for several weeks while extensive repairs and upgrades were performed.

The work on the line includes new canopies over the stairs and platforms, redesign of the area around the station booth, renewal of mezzanine and platform floors, replacing platform edges and ADA tactile warning strips, the installation of vandal-resistant fluorescent lighting and a new, high-quality public address system. ADA elevators will be installed at the Far Rockaway-Mott Avenue station. In addition, NYC Transit is replacing track panels on both the Far Rockaway and Rockaway Park branches.

Next in line, the Manhattan-bound platforms at the Beach 25th Street-Wavecrest, Beach 44th Street-Frank Avenue and Beach 67th Street-Gaston Avenue stations are scheduled to reopen in January 2011. Work will then commence on the Manhattan-bound platforms of the Beach 36th Street-Edgemere and Beach 60th Street stations. Work on the Far Rockaway branch along with the installation of ADA elevators at Far Rockaway-Mott Avenue is expected to be completed by the end of 2011.

The Rockaway line dates back to 1892 when the route was operated by the Long Island Rail Road. In 1956, the line was rebuilt and opened for subway service from Rockaway Park to Beach 25th Street. The Far Rockaway-Mott Avenue subway terminal opened about two years later and the LIRR connection was severed.