New Bridge and Tunnel Tolls in Effect 2 AM Thurs., Dec. 30th

<p>Tolls on MTA's seven bridges and two tunnels will go up at 2 AM on Thurs., Dec. 30th, increasing to $6.50 at most crossings for cash customers and 23-cents to $4.80 at most crossings for E-ZPass customers.</p><p>The difference between the cash and E-ZPass tolls encourages the use of E-ZPass, which is good for customers, good for the environment and helps keep traffic moving. Approximately 75 percent of all customers currently use E-ZPass at MTA crossings.</p><p><img style="float:left;margin-right:11px;margin-bottom:11px;margin-top:8px;" class="frame" src="/sites/default/files/archive/imgs/EZPGo.jpg" alt="E-ZPass On-the-Go Tag Photo"/>Customers looking for the best value can open an account with the New York E-ZPass Customer Service Center (NYCS) by calling 1-800 333-TOLL or by visiting <a href=""></a>. Anyone, regardless of where you live, can open an account.</p><p>With a NYCSC tag, the difference between cash and E-ZPass tolls ranges from $1.45 to $1.80. For a complete list of crossing charges, click on the toll link above. Motorists can also request toll rate cards at cash booths.</p><h3>Customers also have the option of purchasing a pre-paid, ready to use E-ZPass</h3><p>On-the-Go tag (a great holiday gift idea) at one of 365 locations in New York City and Long Island. For a list of retailers, click on the E-ZPass link above.</p><p>On-the-Go tags are sold for $30. Once purchased, $20 can be used immediately for tolls and $10 is a tag deposit. If linked for replenishment to a credit card, the $10 deposit also becomes available to pay tolls. After first use, customers have 48 hours to register the tag.</p><p>Also beginning Dec. 30th, tokens will no longer be accepted at the Henry Hudson toll plaza. The number of customers who still use tokens at that bridge averages about 100 a month. Customers can request a token refund kit via email by going to <a href="/index.html"></a> and clicking on the "contact us" section.</p>