MTA New York City Transit to Equip 426 Buses with Video Surveillance Cameras

Beginning early next year, security cameras will begin appearing on MTA New York City Transit buses. The $9.75 million project will equip 426 buses with advanced video surveillance equipment and nine depots with equipment capable of digitally downloading captured images.

MTA New York City Transit to Equip 426 Buses with Video Surveillance Cameras

Video surveillance is viewed as a vital element of the MTA's ongoing effort to maintain a safe and secure transit network for customers and employees. The system created by UTC Fire and Security is designed to be a visible crime deterrent, providing a state-of-the-art electronic tool that will aid in the investigation and prosecution of criminal activity aboard the vehicle.

The integrated surveillance system will include multiple cameras covering the interiors of standard 40-foot buses and 60-foor articulated buses.  The depots will be equipped with equipment capable of not only capturing the video images but also performing diagnostic health checks on the system.

"Throughout the country, video surveillance has clearly been shown to deter criminal activity on transit vehicles. While its use on buses is relatively new, it has proven to be extremely effective as both a deterrent and an investigative tool. Additionally, we believe that it will be extremely valuable during the examination of accident injury claims," said NYC Transit President Thomas F. Prendergast. "This type of system will go a long way towards ensuring the security of our customers and employees."  

System installation for the buses is set to begin during the first quarter of next year and be completed by early 2012.