More Customers Are Using E-ZPass

E-ZPass use continues to rise at MTA's seven bridges and two tunnels, reaching a new monthly average high in September of 76.3 percent while the number of cash customers continues to drop. E-ZPass usage is up 1.5 percent over 2009 figures.

In mid-January, MTA will launch a two-part pilot program at the Henry Hudson Bridge that will begin with the removal of toll gates in E-ZPass lanes, followed a year later by a pilot all-electronic (cashless) tolling project that will eliminate all cash transactions. If successful, cashless tolling may expand to the other MTA crossings.

E-ZPass helps to move traffic through toll plazas, cuts down on auto emissions from idling cars, and has always been the best value. Currently, E-ZPass car users with tags from the New York Customer Service Center pay $4.57 at major MTA crossings including the RFK, Bronx-Whitestone, Throgs Neck, Queens Midtown Tunnel and Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel, while cash customers pay $5.50.

The value for E-ZPass users will become even more apparent on Dec. 30th when new crossing charges go into effect. E-ZPass customers will pay $4.80 at the major crossings while cash customers will pay $6.50.

The other part of the success story in the rise in E-ZPass accounts has been the E-ZPass retail program called E-ZPass On-the-Go. On-the-Go tags can be purchased at 365 locations from 61 retailers throughout the city. (Click here for a list of where to purchase On-the-Go tags)

Since it began in 2008, some 75,000 On-the-Go tags have been sold. The pre-loaded tags cost $30 and once purchased $20 can be used immediately; $10 is a deposit on the tag. If linked for replenishment to a credit card, the $10 deposit also becomes available for toll use. Once the tag has been used for the first time, the customer has 48 hours to register the account by going to or calling 1-800 333-TOLL.

In addition to MTA crossings, E-ZPass can be used at 22 other participating E-ZPass agencies in states from Maine to Virginia, and west from New York City to Illinois.