Improving Second Avenue

As construction proceeds on the Second Avenue Subway, the MTA has beenworking closely with area residents and the business community tomitigate the impact of construction. As construction starts to stretchfurther down Second Avenue, MTA Capital Construction has created acomprehensive set of "good neighbor" standards to upgrade the physicalconditions around the construction site to improve the pedestrianexperience and keep businesses and residences fully accessible.

Construction of a new subway unfortunately brings with it some impactson the surrounding area, resulting in crowded sidewalks, barriers andfencing. MTA Capital Construction will do everything possible toupgrade conditions along the construction site. Some of the plannedimprovements are:

  • Implementing way-finding signage for stores that is uniform,legible and clean
  • Ensuring sidewalks are in good condition without holes, cracks,and trip hazards
  • Replace bent/worn fencing
  • Paint all barriers
  • Maintain sidewalks, crosswalks, and safe sight lines forpedestrians/vehicles
  • Maintain full access to businesses/residences
Overall Pedestrian Experience
Overall Existing Pedestrian Experience Photo
Overall Planned Pedestrian Experience Photo

MTA Capital Construction has also instructed contractors to maintain asafe and clean construction site. Contractors must also adhere to ADAcompliance providing sidewalk slopes that provide full accessibility forthe disabled.

Contractors will continue to employ noise mitigation techniques, such asmufflers on jackhammers, to limit noise impacts. Monitoring vibrationswill also continue on a regular basis with seismograph and buildinginstrumentation to monitor any potential impacts on adjacent buildingsand ensure that vibration and noise remain within allowable limits.

The MTA's full-time community outreach liaison at the field office willcontinue to be available to address day-to-day issues and the MTA willcontinue its practice of meeting regularly with the Mayor's office,elected officials, the Community Board, the Second Avenue Subway TaskForce, building owners and other agencies to provide project andconstruction updates. Together as active partners, we will be able tomitigate the impact of construction and eventually bring the much-neededSecond Avenue Subway to the East side that will increase capacity,alleviate overcrowding on the Lexington Avenue line and bring newinvestment to the entire region.