Get on board Metro-North's "Yankee Clipper" to the Playoffs

Direct Train Service to All Post-Season Games at Yankees Stadium

On Saturday (and probably Sunday too!) Metro-North Railroad is offering plenty of direct, fast, convenient "train to the game" service for the Yankees' post-season playoff home games.

This Saturday at 8:37 PM the Yankees take on the Minnesota Twins in Game 3 of the American League division series. Game 4, if needed, will be Sunday at 8:07 PM.

Take this opportunity and discover the convenience of direct service to Metro-North's new Yankees- East 153rd Street Station. There are direct trains on all three lines, the Hudson, Harlem, and New Haven, as well as frequent shuttle service from Grand Central Terminal and Harlem-125th Street stations, before, during and after the games.

On the New Haven Line, there are three direct, "Yankee Clipper" express trains from New Haven, and one local from Stamford.

On the Harlem Line, there are two "Yankee Clipper" trains departing Southeast that go express after Bronxville.

On the Hudson Line, there are 10 southbound trains that arrive at the Yankees-East 153rd Street Station between 5 PM and 8:17 PM, PLUS one "Yankee Clipper," a 6 p.m. departure from Poughkeepsie.

After the game, trains depart the Yankees -; East 153rd Street station anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes after the last out. Listen for announcements and watch the boards.

Of course, customers can always catch a shuttle to Harlem-125th Street Station or Grand Central Terminal and transfer to a regular Metro-North train.

Check this site for more information about the Yankees-East 153rd Street station and service. Please note: Backpacks and other containers will not be allowed into Yankee Stadium for all games. Check the Yankees website for a complete list of prohibited items.