Subway Security Cameras Continue to Pop Up

Working in tandem with the New York City Police Department, the MTA has activated 507 security cameras that are now providing live feeds to NYPD's Command Center from three key transit hubs – Grand Central Station, Penn Station, and Times Square. The MTA has been able to add more than 1,400 security cameras in the past six months and now has nearly 3,700 security cameras online and operational in our subways. Additional cameras will be in place next year.

"The safety and security of our customers is the MTA's top priority, and I am thrilled to partner with Mayor Bloomberg and Commissioner Kelly to keep customers safe at our busiest transit hubs," MTA Chairman and CEO Jay H. Walder said. "This is one more step in finally putting the proper focus on technology at the MTA. For too long, the MTA has failed to deliver on key technology projects, but you can see that changing all across our system."

These latest cameras are part of the MTA's Integrated Electronic Security System and have been integrated into the NYPD's Midtown Manhattan Security Initiative, an expansion announced last October which builds on the Lower Manhattan Security Initiative conceived by the NYPD in 2005. When complete, the Lower Manhattan and Midtown initiatives will cover parts of the City's major centers of finance, commerce and government, transportation hubs and iconic landmarks.

The IESS cameras are just one piece of a vast array of surveillance cameras that are in place throughout the transit system. The MTA has worked with federal, state, and local law enforcement officials to harden our infrastructure, secure sensitive areas and prioritize locations for surveillance cameras.

The MTA's current 2010-2014 capital program includes $250 million to continue improving the security of our transportation network. We have also received federal grant money that will help cover the costs of cameras at additional stations. Moving forward, the MTA will continue its partnership with the NYPD to ensure that our security decisions are aligned with their policing strategies to make our system as safe as possible.