Photo courtesy of Newsday

Francis Lusk is a hero. The eagle-eyed train operator was able to stop his N train to prevent a tragedy after a woman fell onto the track bed at the 5th Avenue and 59th Street station recently.

The 36-year old Lusk spotted Nina Webster as she fell onto the tracks about 300 feet in front of his train as it approached the station. He quickly hit the brakes and blew his horn and was able to stop about 70 feet from the dazed woman. Lusk then called the Rail Control Center to have power on the tracks turned off, jumped out of his train and ran to assist the woman. Lusk, a train operator for two years, stayed with Webster until police and paramedics arrived.

"I was just doing my job," Lusk said.

"Francis went above and beyond the call of duty to prevent what could have been an awful tragedy," NYC Transit President Tom Prendergast said. "He comes from a long line of transit employees and his actions reflect our employees' dedication to serving, and in this case, protecting the riding public."

Lusk, who was back at work the next day, has only one wish. He is hoping to see Nina Webster again to see how she's doing. Webster was transported to New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center where she is recovering and resting comfortably.

Also to be commended is the train conductor, Todd Amundsen, a veteran who was able to inform customers on the train of the delay, and successfully discharged the train without incident, even though half the train was still in the tunnel.