Trendy Shops in the Subway

Last year, the MTA earned more than $70 million in rent and licensing fees across the system. Now, the MTA is taking a new approach to increase revenue by attracting a new wave of edgy, stylish, yet economical vendors to occupy store fronts throughout the transit system. The subways alone are home to 345 retail spaces.

The MTA hopes to welcome an increased number of diverse, quality vendors. Part of the strategy includes increasingly seeking to enter into multi-location arrangements with vendors of recognized brands. In the last few weeks, the MTA has taken to the streets, literally knocking on doors to attract stylish, eclectic retail stores to the system. These efforts will upgrade quality, expand the roster of retailers in the transit system and bring in additional revenue.

To further improve aesthetics underground, the MTA is also considering creating a signature look for newsstands integrated with opportunities for corporate advertising and real-time service advisories for our customers. We will work with our current vendors to take incremental steps to improve the appearance of their storefronts.

Earlier this month, a new, trendy toy and clothing store, GRAST, opened in a new space at the 42nd Street and 8th Avenue station in Manhattan.