Service Change Details

MTA Board Approves Service Changes

Earlier this year, the MTA board approved a package of service changes needed to help fill a nearly $800 million budget shortfall for 2010. They included modifications based on public feedback from more than 500 speakers at the MTA's nine public hearings, in addition to 7,100 emails, and 110,000 letters and signed petitions.

The total of nearly $800 million is due largely to the deterioration of projected payroll tax revenues and a state cut of $143 million to the MTA's budget that was diverted to the State's general fund.

Additional actions are also being undertaken to close the remaining gap. The MTA has begun overhauling how it does business, renegotiating contracts with suppliers, and identifying projects that can be deferred or eliminated. The MTA plans to consolidate functions across its agencies, reduce overtime costs, and it has been meeting with union leadership to discuss the agency's budget situation and begin the dialogue about how they can contribute to the solution.