Just in Time for Memorial Day: Departure Signs at Coney Island

Beach goers and visitors to the new Luna Park will find getting home by subway at the Coney Island – Stillwell Ave Terminal a bit easier this weekend, courtesy of newly installed "Next Train Departure" screens on all four platforms of the busy terminal. The screens will take the guess work out of catching the right train on the right platform, especially for those riders who are unfamiliar or don't use the busy terminal on a regular basis.

The screens, hung on platform columns, provide simple next train information to customers, informing them which train is leaving from which platform. For instance, a screen will display this information for the D Line: "West End Line, 6 Avenue Local," with an arrow pointing toward the appropriate train and platform. The display uses the familiar train icons and colors in the display. This is Phase I of a larger pilot project that will ultimately provide train departure track and time information at the station, used by more than 15-thousand average weekday and around 39 thousand riders per weekend (Saturday and Sunday combined) during the summer months.

"Providing easy to understand travel information to our customers is one of our primary goals as we look to introduce cost effective new technology into the system," said NYC Transit President Thomas F. Prendergast. "While not as sophisticated as what we have in place on the Canarsie L line, or going in on the IRT, this next train departure information system is something our customers will come to rely on as they head home from a fun day at Coney Island," added Prendergast.

The display screens were purchased from Solari USA, a provider of Public Information Display Systems to MTA agencies for over 20 years. Solari currently supplies and maintains the Long Island Rail Road Public Information Display Systems in Jamaica Station, Penn Station, and Atlantic Terminal. The project infrastructure was designed by in-house engineers and installed by in-house forces. Each platform has been outfitted with four 32" high-definition, sun-readable LCD screens. Two screens per track are hung back to back about nine feet off the ground for easy viewing. Dispatchers for each line at the Stillwell Avenue Terminal will activate the train's departure track information for display on the screens.

The high definition screens are also capable of displaying Public Service Information (PSA) messaging like "See Something, Say Something," and in the future can also display advertising. Over the next few months, the number of customer information screens will more than double and additional customer information messages and additional capabilities will be added to the system.