Earth Day 2010

As a Long Island Rail Road customer you're doing one of the best "green" things that you can do on Earth Day (and on every other day) to make the metropolitan area more sustainable (visit Sustainability and the MTA to learn more). Public transportation reduces energy consumption as well as harmful carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to greenhouse gases.

The federal government says public transit users reduce their carbon footprint by using less energy and producing less pollution than single-car users. For example, one driver with a daily 20-mile round trip could reduce his annual carbon dioxide emissions by 4,800 pounds annually. That's equal to a 10% reduction in all greenhouse gases by a typical two-adult, two-car household. Public transit also reduces road congestion and is vital to energy efficient land use.

As a company, the LIRR has also taken a number of major "green" steps in recent years. Our employee offices and shop facilities throughout the area contribute a great deal to local recycling efforts. For example, last year the LIRR recycled more than three-million pounds of paper including newsprint and office copy paper, 157-thousand scrap track ties and poles, 12.2 million pounds of scrap metal, 55-thousand pounds of batteries, 5.7-million pounds of bricks, 68-thousand LF fluorescent bulbs and more than 12-hundred computers and computer equipment.

In addition to recycle trash containers (newspaper and regular trash) at our terminals, the LIRR has been using what we call "Recycling Kiosks" at some of our employee facilities. These Kiosks have three containers, each devoted to a different recyclable waste product (newspapers, magazines, bottles, cans and batteries). Since last Earth Day LIRR employees have recycled more than 600 pounds of batteries through the Kiosks.

The LIRR is continuing its efforts to become even more "green." In the near future you'll be hearing about our use of more alternative energy resources to power our facilities and operations. We'll also be expanding our recycling programs and even reducing the use of large plastic water bottles in our offices, replacing them with a more environmentally acceptable alternative.

By riding the LIRR, you are doing your part to help keep our small section of the planet "green" and sustainable. Let's celebrate Earth Day everyday.