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Train Time

In January, Metro-North Railroad launched Metro-North Train Time, ™ a free service that provides real-time train status about a customer's home station-or wherever they may be traveling-including up-to-the-minute information as they travel during the day. On smart phones and computers, our customers have been receiving information regarding trains that are on-time, late, cancelled, delayed-and even the number of minutes their train will be late.

Since TrainTime started with 67 stations, nearly a quarter of a million people have used this free system. And now 29 additional train stations have been added, making the implementation complete.

In case you need to know how to get into the need-to-know club, a good initiation can be found by going to http://as0.mta.info/mnr/mstations/default.cfm and select a station for the real time, on-time status of the next 12 trains arriving or departing at the selected station, as well as track assignments, departure and arrival times, destination and intermediate stops. Our website also has a link to Metro-North Train Time from each station page.

And here's some information that people in the know, need to know: The system uses proprietary software developed in-house by Metro-North's Information Technology and Customer Service departments in conjunction with the Communications &Signal Department and allows handheld-users (Blackberries, Treos, all personal digital assistants and web-based cell phones) to instantly access Metro-North train information and services in a format that is optimized for viewing on their particular device.

The service uses data retrieved from the railroad's signal system. The signal system was designed solely for the safe operation of trains and not to alert customers to what time their next train is coming. Therefore, some minor enhancements to the signal system were needed to provide additional information about a train's specific location in reference to a specific station platform.

New Canaan Branch stations are on Metro-North Train Time. However, the Danbury and Waterbury branches, as well as State Street on the New Haven Main Line, do not operate with the system we use to track train status and real-time train information cannot be displayed.

On the Port Jervis and Pascack Valley lines, which are operated by NJTRANSIT, real-time train information is available through DepartureVision™ at http://www.njtransit.com

Metro-North Train Time also can be viewed on large, flat-screen monitors at key select stations: Harlem-125th Street; Fordham; White Plains; Larchmont and Yankees – E. 153rd Street.

So, now you can be a know-it-all, and turn your Metro-North seat-mate and tell them you know something that they don't know. But you better do it fast-because more and more Metro-North customers are in-the-know.