Continued Progress on the Fulton Street Transit Center as the Rehabilitation of the 4/5 Station Commences

Fulton Street Transit Center

Work to rehabilitate the historic 4/5 Fulton Street Station began early in the year as part of the MTA's Fulton Street Transit Center Project. The 31-month contract, which was awarded to WDF, Inc., also includes construction of a new entrance at Dey Street and completion of the 4/5 underpass to the new Dey Street underground concourse.

Structural work involves removing segments of the northbound platform wall to provide an additional 120 feet of access for customers. The primary benefit of this work will be to relieve congestion and reduce crowding at the north end of the station for customers making connections between the 4/5 and A/C lines. This work is being staged to preserve pieces of the historic northbound platform wall which will remain part of the finished station.

Other improvements to the 4/5 Fulton Street Station include the rehabilitation of historic architectural finishes such as the platform wall marble wainscoting and plaster casings, glass tiles, terra cotta faience station name plaques, decorative tiles and mosaic boarders, cast iron columns and wood handrails. The electrical, communications, mechanical and fire protection systems will also be upgraded.

The new entrance at Dey Street will provide a mid-block entry, as well as ADA accessibility, to the 4/5 southbound platform. ADA accessibility to the northbound platform will be available from the concourse level. The new entrance will also provide access to the 4/5 underpass, which is being completed as part of WDF's contract. The 4/5 underpass will lead to the Fulton Street Transit Center, as well as the Dey Street concourse, which will ultimately connect to the Church Street R/W Station when completed in November 2012. Both the rehabilitated 4/5 Fulton Street Station and the new entrance at Dey Street are scheduled to be completed in July 2012.

Rehabilitation of the 2/3 Fulton Street Station was completed in 2006, creating better access to the mezzanine with a new set of stairs in the center of the platform. New entrances to the 4/5 platform were opened in 2007 to help reduce platform crowding and train congestion. Most recently, in November 2009, the northbound platform of the R/W Cortlandt Street Station opened for customer service. All elements of the $1.4 billion Fulton Street Transit Center project are scheduled to be completed by June 2014.