Snowstorm Preparations

NYCT Snow Removal

Snowstorm Preparations

The ongoing snowstorm, which is expected to end sometime on Friday with an accumulation of 4-8 inches, may impact bus and subway service.

We have already deployed our snow-fighting equipment at strategic locations throughout the city. For now, subway service is on or close to schedule. Deteriorating weather conditions will, however, necessitate some changes in service patterns. The following subway service changes may be in effect in the system:

AEDFNQ35 trains may run local for portions of their route.
G service between Court Sq and 71st-Continental Avenues may be suspended.
BVW trains may end their runs earlier than usual.
6 service in the Bronx may be local.

Possible service changes are detailed on NYC Transit's Cold Weather service posters, which are in subway cars and stations throughout the system.

Scheduled maintenance and repairs on the 7 line has been canceled. Closures of stations/platforms for rehabilitation will not be affected.

For bus service, salt trucks have already been deployed to help in clearing routes and bus stops. We will equip tires on all articulated buses and coaches with chains and, depending on the severity of the storm, we may suspend limited stop service in some or all boroughs.

We urge all subway and bus customers to give themselves extra travel time whenever there is inclement weather.