Joseph Leader Named New SVP of Subways

New SVP of Subways, Joseph Leader
Joseph Leader Named New SVP of Subways

NYC Transit veteran Joseph Leader has been named Senior Vice President, Department of Subways. President Carmen Bianco today announced the appointment of Leader who has served as Acting SVP since May, 2013.

“Joe has impressed me with his strong focus on holding the safety of our customers and employees, as well as the security of our system, as his highest leadership concerns,” said President Bianco. “He is a creative and visionary leader, whose inspiration and efforts have been key contributing factors to several important programs and initiatives. Joe takes tremendous pride in the Department of Subways organization, but is always confident that there is more to be achieved.”

Leader joined NYC Transit in 1986 as a Management Intern in the Division of Track, and since then, has accepted ever-increasing levels of responsibility, rising steadily through the managerial ranks to Chief Track Officer, Chief of Track and Infrastructure, and ultimately Vice President and Chief Maintenance Officer for Maintenance of Way. In that position, he was responsible for overseeing six areas vital to subway operations: Track, Infrastructure, Elevator & Escalator, Electrical, Engineering and Electronics Maintenance. Leader’s 27-year tenure at NYC Transit also includes five years in the Office of System Safety as a Superintendent of Track Safety and as Director of Investigations.

Leader has either led or been heavily involved in NYC Transit’s extensive track maintenance and construction program, the successful FASTRACK initiative, and the incredible success in restoring subway service in the wake of Superstorm Sandy. An example of his hands-on approach to leadership, Leader could be seen surveying the South Ferry station during Sandy even as the floodwaters were rising inside the station.

“Due to the age of our system, the demands of a growing ridership and the need to integrate new technologies into our system, there are challenging times ahead,” said Leader. “But I think that we all see this as just the right time to roll up our sleeves and tackle these important issues. It’s what our customers expect and deserve.”